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Cobra derringer problems

By | 07.10.2020

Log in or Sign up. Dec 4, 1. I got a. My question is what kind of ammo is safe to use in it. In manual says "Standard Velocity" is safest and works best. On the chart on ammo box the 38p says its fps. So would you consider this "Standard Velocity" ammo? And it said nothing about bullet weight. AMDDec 4, Dec 4, 2. The standard Federal from Wally World is perfect. With the derringer I'd probably go with gr myself. Dec 4, 3. Cowboy Action loads would be perfect. Dec 4, 4. AMD, How about a picture of that little beauty?

We like pictures!!! Dec 4, 5. That Magtech ammo is fine to use. M14manDec 4, Subscribe to our newsletter to receive interesting offers and amazing discounts! Google has removed all gun related apps from Google Play store. Here is the alternative way to install our apps on Android phone. As part of the Android Operative system, there is a restriction that blocks installing applications outside the Google Play Store. For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Play Store" message as you try to install.

But how do we get there? UPC barcode scanner for guns and ammo. Compare ammunition prices, firearm prices and accessories. Skip to main content Skip to search. Catalog for Cobra Firearms deals total. Filter Catalog for Cobra Firearms.

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Classic Derringers

Gunprime Compare prices for this product Cobra Firearms Cb38bb. Cobra derringers are among some of the most sought after American derringers. Cobra firearms used Davis derringers design and began to manufacture these wonderful pistols. The derringer pistol has a special place in American history, as well as a practical use today. These durable pistols are much more reliable, then some of the derringer kits.

Classic Firearms Compare prices for this product Cobra Derringer Big Bore. Cobra Derringers are beautifully handcrafted with a wide range of calibers and barrel lengths.

The Denali. Global Ordnance Compare prices for this product Cobra Denali ACP 2. All Cobra Derringer Series come with a steel barrel, steel breech block insert, steel striker type firing mechanisms, positive plunger safety with internal hammer block to help prevent unintended discharge.

Factory Direct Lifetime Warranty. Sportsmans Outdoor SS Compare prices for this product Attributes Caliber:. Cob Derrngr Lng. Cobra Big Bore Derringers have more than years of popularity and they continue to top the charts in sales today! TSS Warehouse Compare prices for this product Single action. Alloy frames.

Fixed sights. Has a hammer, not as shown. Derringers have more than years of popularity and they continue to top the charts in sales today! Features: Calibers:.

The Cobra CA series is compact, lightweight and easily concealed in a holster, pocket, vest, purse or backpack. A perfect concealable firearm for a beginning shooter to an experienced marksman.Log in or Sign up.

Cheap Guns: The Cobra Derringer – Pocket Power on a Budget

Aug 23, 1. Joined: Jun 27, Messages: Location: sand mountain alabama. Aug 23, 2. Joined: Apr 7, Messages: 2, Their quality is iffy, at best. The frames are zinc, and the guns are not particularly small, and are heavy. Perhaps you should look at NAA mini revolvers.

Bill DeShivsAug 23, CCHolderinMainecarverjim brady and 1 other person like this. Aug 23, 3. I have to agree with Bill. I have an older Davis Derringers in. More firepower in the revolver with five shots versus the two shots of the derringer and the size is comparable. Aug 23, 4. Joined: Jan 24, Messages: 4, Derringer is state of the art concealed carry circa Other than you just want one why?

They are easier to shoot. Aug 23, 5. DM I think was the model. They have been out of production for quite a while.

Taurus Spectrum in. Last edited: Aug 23, Aug 23, 6. Gotta agree with the other guys. I have a Davis in 38 Spl. It's on the Remington pattern and while kinda fun to look at and shoot on occasion Aug 23, 7.

Aug 23, 8. Nor Cal Mikie and carver like this. Aug 23, 9.By TnShooter83June 28, in Handguns. They will not be responsible for corrosion, abuse, neglect, or unreasonable use. And H3LL yeah, it's unreasonable to use something that doesn't work? I think that if they put as much effort in to the gun s as they do customer service, they might have something. If you ever decide to quit messing with it, I would be intrested in it possible to build a shodow box for my Dad as he loves those things.

If you decide to get rid of itsend it my way. I am just starting to get into gun repair as a hoby and would love to give thatone a try. What pawn shop did you go to? I've been trying to get a list of a couple pawn shops that carry a decent selection of firearms and prices to frequent on a regular basis.

I have a Davis Cobra in. It does have the trickiest trigger I haver felt on a gun though. It is possible to pull the trigger back and not actually actuate the trigger mechanism. You have to "stroke" the trigger. I don't carry anything that doesn't function simply and every time I carry a J Frame so it is just a curiosity in the gun safe.

cobra derringer problems

Unless firing pin channels are worn out, I'd wager those marks are simply from dry firing with no shell in chamber. I doubt there are precise firing pin stops in them, and the firing pin probably extends farther than the shell rim itself, and without a shell in there, the pins just go as far as they can ie into chamber wall. That's the way my Cobra.

My guess is if you don't dry fire it without a spent shell in chamber it'll work fine indefinitely with the replacement firing pins.

OS always has the best advice. Never dry fire a rim fire gun. My dad gave me a. Looks like it was dry fired plenty on all chambers. I have not tried to shoot it yet. Well, depends on the gun and how it's made. Many rimfires are fine to dry fire. Anything Ruger makes is, for example.

Cobra makes a pretty crude derringer though; my pins on the. And yeah, some older. Yes, it's absolutely possible to fire the round by jamming the gun closed if it's not on half cock. I have recently been given a davis derringer in 22 mag. I noticed the firing pins stuck out at different heights so I took it apart to clean it.

cobra derringer problems

When i put it back together it wouldnt close on me. Anyway, long story short I found out the firing pins and the pockets they are in have to go in a specific barrel. Where the case sits has a slit in it for a flathead screwdriver. Mine had to go back together a specific way.Derringers are useful for shooting bullets at targets that are very close to you. They are often used as pocket pistols, small and easy to conceal weapons that give you a couple of shots worth of protection.

Cobra Firearms makes derringers in many different sizes and calibers. The one I am reviewing is the smallest they make, the small-framed. I bought the gun on a whim, thinking it would be something about the size of a largeish key chain, and fit easily into any pocket.

I chose the. Like pretty much everybody I know, I do not think that the. I get that. Unlike the NAA mentioned above, this Cobra only has 2 rounds in addition to them only being. I often carry my NAA. Is the Cobra. Model: Colt Firearms C22 Caliber:. Additionally, you can get conversion barrels to change this gun over to a. The gun is well built, mine has a pewter colored frame with attractive wooden grips.

It opens and closes nice and tight. Overall, the look and fit is good. Cobra Firearms state that the trigger is heavy as a safety feature. OK, I get that. If you shoot the gun in this strange, non intuitive way, then yes, it fires reliably. However, IMHO, having to specially train yourself to NOT use the trigger techniques you have been training into yourself for years and, instead, do something entirely both counter intuitive and dangerous in a life and death situation if you were using this gun in self defense is a STUPID idea.

The LAST thing you need to be doing in a conflict situation is additional task loading. Does that work? Is it effective against a misfire?We recommend changing to a different brand of ammunition if the spent cartridge cases have difficulty extracting from the cylinder or chamber. Thoroughly cleaning the barrel chambers with solvent is also recommended. For 9MM and 22 Mag you may use ball nose or shot shell ammunition.

Cobra Derringers come with a factory direct lifetime warranty. It covers all owners of the firearm. If at anytime you are having any difficulties with your gun you may send it in for repair or service. All warranty claims should state the model and serial number of the firearm being sent in for service.

Please enclose your name, physical address, and phone number. NEVER ship ammunition with your gun when sending in for service or repair. We suggest that you insure when shipping. NEVER ship a loaded gun.

cobra derringer problems

Cobra Enterprises of Utah. Return shipping and insurance will be covered by Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc. Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc. Disengage the locking lever by pushing the lever forward to the unlocked position. Pull the barrel up to open exposing the breach. The caliber for your Derringer is printed on the side of the barrel.

Use only this caliber ammunition. Be sure to keep fingers and hands away from the end of the barrel at all times. Hang the cartridge edges on the extractor and then slide the extractor down inserting the shells into the chambers. Close the barrel and push the locking lever towards the rear of the gun locking the barrel into position.A Davis derringer was my first daily carry gun, and it is tough to walk into a gunshop these days without running into at least one Cobra brand derringer.

Do they work? Do they keep working? Are they safe to carry? In generally, my answer to those questions is yes, but watch the video, because I did find some unexpected hiccups in one of the guns. I feel like the derringer option is outside of most concealed carry discussions. This is of course GunsAmerica, so most of you will prioritize your carry budget higher than Cobra derringer.

The point of this article is for when a friend who works at Starbucks asks you how cheap they can carry. Here is a pretty good list of pros and cons, starting with the cons lol. There are real, robust personal carry options in a derringer, from Bond Arms these days, but those cost as much as a real gun.

My personal carry gun is the original Springfield XD-S in. But I said in the video, my first long term daily carry gun was a Davis derringer in. If I remember, Cobra originally bought the toolworks of the Davis company, though I have no idea whether the guns are made on that same equipment today. More importantly, as I explained in the video, there is a lifetime warranty on Cobra firearms.

If you ask your local gun dealer candidly how many of them come back, they will tell you that a certain percentage have issues. That is double true for the rimfires, any rimfire for that matter. One of the two guns I purchased had occasional failures to fire. It was the rimfire, and in my experience, it is almost always the rimfire that will give you trouble first. In a Cobra derringer, I would stick to the centerfire options.

I can hit a pie plate reliably at across the bedroom distances with the. Oh well.

Cheap Guns: The Cobra Derringer – Pocket Power on a Budget

Just remember the Cobra derringer option when your friend who works at Starbucks asks how cheap they can get into concealed carry. Admittedly, the Cobra is a mediocre derringer. They are simply not worth paying the exorbitant ptice!! Told my wife I wanted a Bond Arms in. As a footnote, she did get me my Bond Arms the next year — I do love that woman!!

Bought a. Have not shot it yet just because that. Why wont it slide over? Everything looks clean like it has hardly shot before I got it. What is wrong with this thing? Ill say one more thing, i hope never to use this in self defense.

But i trust it, backup, on on the job as primary, i trust it will perform. Ive owned, carried, and fired my 38spl cobra for over 6 years. Never a problem.

cobra derringer problems

I fire factory, reload, and blanks, for cowboy action.

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